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Nude Descending Elevator cover

Nude Descending Elevator

(released 2023)

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“The new Puppets of Castro album is catchy philosophical pop that ranges from radio-friendly rockers to tunes that could be a Murakami short story set to music. “Nude Descending an Elevator” is sure to please hard core fans and newcomers alike.”

-Dan Bern

I, Nebulous

(released 2017)

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I, Nebulous is the fourth studio album by singer/songwriter Andrew Lorand, whose mixture of humor, wit, and keen observation of the human condition is in full force here. Darryl Purpose, one of Americana/folk music’s most celebrated touring singer/songwriters, lends his unique vocals to four of the tracks, including “It’s A Good Thing.”

“There’s a map on her wall, and a dart in her hand
and where it lands we agree is where we’ll head to.
So she closes her eyes and she lets the dart fly
and it sails through the door to her bedroom.
So I say, let’s go there, the water’s safe, the weather’s fair
and we won’t have to change our money”

Puppets of Castro

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(released 2001)

PUPPETS OF CASTRO features singer/songwriter Andrew Lorand and poet/vocalist Matthew Niblock, bringing together two of Los Angeles’ most respected artists in one of the most anticipated recorded works to be released by Trough Records, a captivating combination of Lorand’s quirky/funny/sad—and always catchy—songwriting, and Niblock’s unique, often soaring vocal stylings (with a few sung by Lorand himself). A truly original work.

Features “Extraordinary Things” which the Orange County Weekly described as “an achingly beautiful, delicate song

Location, Location, Location

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(released 2005)

With the release of “Location.Location.Location”, Andrew Lorand has created a collection of brilliantly crafted songs covering the emotional landscape from the humorous to the heartbreaking. Set to unforgettable melodies, Lorand’s blunt, vividly clever lyrics paint a uniquely twisted vision of the absurdities, annoyances and painful realities of day-to-day living. 

Flod Part 1 (Live)

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(released 2009)

Flod Part 2 (Not Live)

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(released 2009)

Potsticker Rodeo

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(released 1996)