Intelligent, witty songs, some serious, some hilarious, some a touch of each.

– Oregon Public Radio

Puppets Of Castro have released three albums on Trough Records, which feature the extraordinary vocal talents of Darryl Purpose and Matthew Mars. In addition, Lorand has released three solo albums. 

Puppets Of Castro came into being because the name Andrew Lorand did not appear to be all that memorable, and the thinking was that ‘Puppets Of Castro’ would be more likely to stick. The jury is still out on that one. Lorand grew up in suburban Los Angeles reading Lenny Bruce and listening to Tom Lehrer, resulting in a somewhat skewed musical perspective. An eclectic satirist and keen observer of the humor and pathos found around the darker edges of the human condition, Lorand takes his listeners on an often humorous, and often contemplative ride.

Perhaps Lorand’s most remarkable gift as a songwriter is the ability to simply and succinctly convey complex feelings in totally unique , and often humorous, ways. A favorite of his songwriting colleagues, Andrew’s songs have been covered by such artists as Kristina Olsen, Emily Kaitz and Mark Humphreys. Memorable melodies and lyrics that can elicit laughter and tears, often in the same stanza, make Andrew Lorand’s music a truly satisfying experience.